Unlimited refills of limited availability beer at Park Hyatt Tokyo


The five-star Park Hyatt Tokyo, known to many as one of the locations used in the movie "Lost in Translation," has plenty of things going for it, including luxuriously appointed rooms, ample business facilities, and a full array of spa services.

For the summer, Kanagawa Prefecture-based microbrewer Sankt Gallen has produced two beers exclusively available at the hotel. Until Sept 16, 3,800 yen will get you as many glasses as you can knock back, plus a plate of mixed appetizers, in the Hyatt’s Delicatessen.

Customers pay in advance, which is probably a good thing as you might not be in the best condition to count or handle money after a few hours of imbibing. While there are seats in the restaurant’s well air-conditioned interior, there’s something special about the contrasting temperatures of warm summer night air and chilled beer, so we opted to drink al fresco on the patio.

The first of the two types of beer on tap is the Park Brewery Ale. We clinked glasses and took a sip, and it went down smooth and crisp, with just the right amount of bitterness. Its mixture of refinement and character is the kind of thing you can only find in a beer from a top class craft brewer like Sankt Gallen, and it made us immediately forget about the heat and humidity.

Next, we moved on to the Citrus Amber Ale. Sankt Gallen has a bit of a history mixing beer and citrus, as it’s done for several years in its summertime Shonan Gold brew. For the Park Hyatt, they’ve infused an amber ale with extracts from the tangerine-like shiranui. The citrus notes lend the ale a refreshing sweetness, as well as a pleasing aroma.

One important thing to keep in mind regarding this all-you-an-drink offer is that it’s only available from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Come at 7 o’clock and you’ll be getting cut off after just one hour, so to really get your money’s worth, get here promptly at 6.

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I kind of detest any restaurant or any other food seller that encourages gluttony. It's worse in the US where you have many all you can eat restaurants and when shopping at a Costco you are rewarded with a discount if you buy giant sizes of food. All this inspires hoarding and gluttony. It is a contributing factor in the rising obesity level in North America. This campaign at the Park Hyatt is mainly aimed at younger salarymen and women who need to feel that they are winning at something because their real working lives suck big time.....

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Unlimited refills of limited availability beer

I sense a problem here.

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Sounds good. Nice beers are usually excluded from the nomihodai deals.

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Contradictory - "after a few hours of imbibing" but actually the hours are set from 6-8pm. Math is hard.

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I hope resposible service of Alcohol is in force!!!

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