U.S. startup eyes next generation of burgers with relish

By Rob Lever

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I look forward to trying it. I have heard good things about the taste and texture and the environmental impact could be a game changer.

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I find the thought of tucking into something so artificial very unappealing. After all the warnings about eating 'processed' foods, a 'burger' that came out of a chemical factory can't for me replace the occasional small patty of fresh meat.

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Don't know anything about these burgers, but veggie burgers have gotten much better in the last couple of decades.

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Beef fat is more healthy than coconut oil which triggers some degenerative

diseases, its actually brain damage burger.

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These are actually really good. I hate veggie-anything but these taste like a burger.

Now, the 'Beyond' burger, which is supposed to be similar to this, is not so good and has a funky taste.

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Does anyone know how much these burgers cost?

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