Want to eat healthier? Move sides to the center of the plate

By Melissa D'Arabian

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Sounds like a nice recipe. But in Japan, 2-3 kgs. of green beans will end up costing, what, a couple thousand yen? Will need to downsize this one.

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2 to 3 kilos of beans for 6 people? Are we feeding a Sumo stable? That's two-thirds to half a pound of beans per person! Either cut down the amount of beans, or invite a few more people in to eat. Sounds like a good recipe though, sans the anchovies.

Green beans can be expensive, but they're so, so easy to grow, and if you plant the climbing variety they needn't take up much room; every year I grow enough to have a surplus, which I freeze to see me through the winter. Last year I planted extra around the base of some corn plants, which seemed to benefit both crops; the beans got a bit of extra shade at the height of summer (not that last summer was particularly sunny), and the corn got extra nitrogen from the bean roots.

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2 to 3 kilos of beans for 6 people? Are we feeding a Sumo stable?

Another way to eat more healthily: eat less.

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2 to 3 kilos of beans for 6 people?

typo correction: half a pound per person →half a kilo, or more than one pound of beans per person.

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anchovy fillets.

One of my favourites.

I eat them stright from the tin or on my pizza.


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