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Warabi mochi latte specialists bring wagashi-inspired beverages to Tokyo for limited time only

By grape Japan

The line between dessert and drink seems to get blurrier as time goes on. With bubble tea inspired by traditional Japanese sweets, and frappes getting more and more elaborate, who can say how far this trend will go?

One cafe that specializes in this dessert-drink crossover is Kyoto Rikyu, combining the traditional Japanese sweet warabi mochi with various flavors to create warabi mochi lattes. They currently have two branches in Aichi Prefecture.


Now for the first time ever, Kyoto Rikyu are bringing these drinkable mochi treats to Tokyo, for a very limited time only pop-up shop. It will only be around until June 23, giving sweet beverage hunters just five days to taste it for themselves.


The Tokyo pop-up store will be operating on a limited menu, so they will be serving up the classic warabi mochi with kinako.


But if you’re a warabi mochi maniac, it might be worth taking a trip to their main stores, as the full menu consists of all kinds of inventive takes on the sweet. The flavors include purple sweet potato, roasted green tea, dulche, matcha, strawberry, green tea, and melon, among others.


The Kyoto Rikyu pop-up store will be at Kokubunji Marui with a limited menu. To try out their full menu check out their website for shop locations.

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