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Image: Kinseiken

Water mochi is magical but this Yamanashi sweets shop has all your Japanese favorites

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Although wagashi (traditional Japanese confections) can be found across the country, there are few locations as renowned as a shop called Kinseiken Daigahara. Located in the serene little town of Hokuto in Yamanashi Prefecture, it has one confectionery that goes like hot cakes — but in this case — like water cakes. So take a journey into the countryside and enjoy a rare art form that’s appealing to both sight and taste.

The famous raindrop cake

A feast for the eyes Image: Mimi Dietderich

Of all the confections offered at Kinseiken Daigahara, none is more famous than the mizushingen mochi. Only available from June through September each year, this rice cake dessert is made from — and modeled after — mizu (water) from the southern Japanese Alps mountains epitomizing the subtle elegance of Japanese traditional sweets.

The spherical mochi is transparent and can fit into the palm of one’s hand like a larger-than-life drop of water. The cake might look like water, but it certainly isn’t flavorless. Melting in your mouth, the honey-like flavor is complemented by a splash of black sugar syrup and a generous helping of kinako (roasted soybean flour) that adds a slightly nutty flavor to top it all off.

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I should check this out, just what my sweet tooth needs.

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