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What’s the deal with the big color-changing cup at Starbucks Japan?

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

It’s all happening here at Starbucks right now, with celebrations in full swing to mark the chain’s 25th anniversary in Japan. That means we’ve been spoilt with specially marked drinkware collections, limited-edition Frappuccinos and now…the arrival of color-changing cups.

We were lucky enough to find a larger version, with a lid and a straw, hiding out on the counter at our local Starbucks. According to staff, the 709-milliliter reusable cup is considerably larger than the other cups in the set, which don’t include a straw and lid.

We didn’t need any convincing to purchase this beauty–in fact we wanted to witness its magical color-changing ability immediately so we ordered an iced coffee at the same time and asked staff to fill our new cup with it.

The outside of the cup started off with a shade of blue-green that reminded us of famous jewelry brand Tiffany’s, but once our drink had been poured into it, the part filled with cold liquid had turned a lovely shade of pink.


After finding ourselves a table, we peeled off the lid and peered inside. This cup had a much larger capacity than most of the reusable cups currently sold at Starbucks, and while we’d hoped that the straw might possess the same color-changing qualities as the cup, alas it was still Tiffany blue.


Taking a closer look at the outside of the cup, we fell in love with the gradation of color between the cold and room-temperature portions, which resembled a glorious sunset.


Another neat feature we noticed was the fact that the part of the cup warmed by your hand goes back to being blue, allowing you to create all sorts of colorful patterns on the exterior.


▼ And once we’d finished the beverage inside, the cup returned to its original hue.


The Color Changing Reusable Cold Cup Green is currently on sale at Starbucks stores nationwide for 550 yen. It’s only available in limited quantities, though, so be sure to get in quick if you’d like to own one, and don’t forget you can pay extra to get it filled with one of these new tiramisu drinks, for a drinking experience that tastes just as sweet as it looks.

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Wow, that's great! Reusable! Down here in Okayama, we have a further step - we have something called "coffee shops," in which someone actually comes to our table and serves us a cup of coffee in a (get this!) cup! And yes, it is reusable, since it is made of a wierd material called "porcelain" or sometimes, "china." What will they think of next?

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Only in the japan kindergarten do people need this junk. They eat plastic here. Only if they have to pay for it will they not use 109 plastic bags on a supermarket visit with every product already prepackaged in plastic.

it is a daily fight to stop cashiers usung extra useless plastic bags

3 ( +3 / -0 )

"...we have something called "coffee shops..."

I never got into Japan's version of those. The cigarette smoke is just too nasty, and thus dangerous to my health, and the selection is extremely limited and lacking in imagination. At Bucks, I can get lattes, cappuccinos and all sorts of seasonal surprises, like the Sakura-themed ones. I can also sit on a veranda this time of year or hump my coffee to the office if I'm short on time.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

If you are going to buy a reusable cup, I recommend an insulated one to keep your drink hot or cold.

It's okay at the moment, but give it a month or so and any cold drink in an uninsulated cup will be surrounded by a pool of condensation.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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