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What pairs with beetle? Start-ups seek to make bugs tasty


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Seriously, just have a sweet potato

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I would not could not with a goat, I would not could not on a boat

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Yeah I think what do people have against eating vegetables? I promise it's easier than eating bugs.

Support your local farmer

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Future poor people food part of your living wage package

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What pairs with beetle? 

That’s easily to answer. Vomit bags and garbage cans.

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I tried dried grasshoppers from Thailand and they were crisp & crunchy but flavorless. Fried mealworms on, the other hand, are quite tasty and make a great snack along with a cold beer. I have found an online source of Mexican chapulines and plan on trying them soon. They have been eaten in Oaxaca for over 3,000 years so I imagine they are tasty.

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I agree on eating protein that's not from farmed animals is a good thing, and if I were a farmer in Africa who's crops are being eaten by locusts - I'd eat them all!

But alas I'm a pampered European and would rather stick to lovely veggies, cheese, milk, tofu, nuts and the like to boost my protein intake.

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No thanks. Pass the sick-bag please.

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I understand what happened here. This is for people stuck in the 'where do you get your protein' argument, the meat eaters. So they will think anything but vegetables and think they need to get their protein from bugs now. What a sad education. Where do you think protein comes from?

The nitrogen in protein comes from the atmosphere which plants take up and use, which then are eaten by animals. So you can get it from plants or anything that eats plants. The largest land animal is the African elephant. It's not a meat eater and gets its protein just fine from plants, along with thousand of other animals.

We humans are omnivorous and can handle a wide variety, that's true, that's obviously good for our 2 million year survival to be sure. But are you going to eat buckets of bugs or have a few potatoes and some corn? And you would somehow pick the bugs? I can't believe it. We are always moving forward no reason in a world of plenty to resort to bugs!

The future is vegan and the economics of that just increases year after year. Go Google and look at the success of plant based milks versus cow milk. The marketplace has spoken and it's plant based milk for the win.

Ok so maybe you're going to miss meat. I'll have you know that vegetables can be made to taste like meat, hence the success of the Impossible Burger and others. It doesn't even have to be close like many vegan sausage replacements. Your BBQ sause? Shh, it's all vegetables. Have you looked at the ingredients?

Vegetables are cheaper to make and easier than farming animals. Removes the middle cow.

No bugs no Soylent Green no dystopian diets required.

Buying local supports your local farmers. They're ready for your support. That keeps entrepreneurship alive, communities resilient, all away from monoculture multinational conglomerates.

You don't have to be 100% plant based in your diet to benefit from eating vegetables. Have as few or as many as you like. But to believe you're going to start eating bugs when there are so many thousands of varieties of vegetables out there waiting for you to discover is just nuts

Also have you had a sweet potato lately?

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This misunderstanding of protein comes up across media even in entertainment. A huge dystopian plot point for many an anime series or manga is that they are running out of cows(or some animal food) so they started to cull their human population(for maximum shock value). Really sad writing, but that is a sign of being trapped in the notion to believe that we must get our protein from animals. Had they switched to planting and eating vegetables that would have fed far more people but it never comes up as an option.

Japan when it was closed off for 200 years was practically a vegetarian society. Yes there was meat eaten but not in excess as the land area was devoted mostly to plants. If you look at the old traditional Okinawan diet fish was only 3% of their diet. Mostly sweet potatoes since those are so reliable. Fast forward today and you have all the diseases of a western meat eating diet making their way into Japanese society.

So it's never one thing but to have questions all one has to do is look at history and why we survivied up to this point. And it wasn't bugs. And the future won't be bugs either.

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sf2kToday  06:19 am JST

Mostly sweet potatoes since those are so reliable. Fast forward today and you have all the diseases of a western meat eating diet making their way into Japanese society.

What was the life expectancy of the pre-WWII Okinawan? How does it compare to now?

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I applaud the idea of eating insects as it could provide a source of nutrition for less fortunate people, but also because the more of those pests that are eaten the better.

I personally wouldn't eat an insect but applaud those that do.

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