What to do with that leftover bubbly? Some ideas

By Katie Workman

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What the deuce?  Surely Katie Workman can't be paid for this nonsense?

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Kaeri, I'll do Katie's job for her. If the sparkling wine is decent, there won't be any leftovers. If there's any sparkling wine leftover, then it wasn't decent.

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But whether you are quaffing French champagne, prosecco from Italy, cava from Spain, or something domestic and sparkly, you may end up with some left in a bottle.

No. I can assure you I will not.

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What left over bubbly?

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you may end up with some left in a bottle

Does not compute.

There is no such thing as left over booze.

It just hasn't been gotten around to yet.

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I splashed out on a fantastic award winning bottle of English sparkling wine for New Year. Countdown then for smoked salmon breakfast in the morning. I could easily have finished 2 bottles.

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Left over fizzy wine makes a nice jelly.

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Who ever has left over champagne? Mixing it should be a sin, if it’s a cheap cava sure go for it but if it’s the real deal don’t waste it. Please.

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