White strawberries: Scent of First Love


White strawberries are in demand this spring and are showing up in more supermarkets. Japanese media refer to them as “Hatsukoi no kaori” (Scent of First Love).

Although “white strawberries” sound and look unripe, their taste is amazingly sweet and rich. White strawberries are the product of the creative minds at Miyoshi Agritech Co, which has been developing new varieties of strawberries for 20 years.

The color on the surface and the inside are white but the seeds are red. White strawberries have a high sugar content, which is about level 12.

They have become very popular gift items at weddings, birthdays and births.

You can find them in some department stores or the Quil Fait Bon sweets stores and in some SunFruits outlets.

Last but not least, the price. Be prepared to hand over 500 yen for one white strawberry.

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Taste good, but the price-a total rip off! Not worth it. Waste of money. I'll stick with my garden grown Strawberries, red, fresh, naturally good and FREE!

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I have seen these around but not tried them yet. Too dear. And typically Japan. Hi tech coupled with no userful purpose and a kawaii factor.

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Was so shocked at the prices that I iPhone photographed them on the spot. I'm sure they taste great, and the real challenge would be how to serve them attractively. Usually it is the glorious red color that makes them visually gorgeous. Don't serve the white ones in a white bowl as they will look necrotic. In a black bowl, though, could be abstractly interesting. Anyway, I won't be buying these until the price plummets.

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Anaemic strawberries ? Not for me thanks ! I like mine red and juicy ! (The Calpis slogan is also "Hatsukoi no drink").

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