Will oat become the king of plant-based milks?

By Thomas URBAIN

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This article would have more relevance on JT if oat milk were more readily available in Japan, and at a reasonable price. Last time I saw it (at Aeon), it was double the price compared to my home country. And when I decided to go back to Aeon last week, I found it had shut shop, permanently.

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I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost everyday with raisins and a spoon of maple syrup. Please don’t raise the price.

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Nothing is sustainable unless it tastes good.

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Passing fad, just like the rest.

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oldman_13-Your comment says "disgusting", but have you tasted it? (I have not but someone in my household buys it who is allergic to normal dairy). They don't find it disgusting.

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All such "milks" should be avoided because of the enormous amount of water needed to produce them. Use the water to make oatmeal, instead.

My god, you might as well stop eating bread because wheat requires water too. Stop eating meat, especially beef, because that really uses up water - more than............non-dairy milks and nuts.

Stop using too much water when flushing the loo. Have quick showers instead of a bath.

Yes, I eat porridge too.

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