World chefs: Former U.S. stockbroker LaFrieda writes butchering guide


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Of course, a one- or two-person household would look at this as overkill to the extreme. Try cutting this recipe down for a single. Aicheewowwah!

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A: I speak to chefs every night to help them develop their menus and answer their questions about meat. I got to see the thirst for meat knowledge and how little of it there is out there.

... What arrogance. He's an ex-stockbroker with a bit of a family background in meat and he's writing like it is all one-way traffic between himself and the chefs, and that he's helping them to "develop their menus and answer their questions about meat".

Chefs know a LOT about meat, and while they might take advice from the butcher they certainly don't need the butcher to "develop their menus" for them. That is THEIR area of expertise.

All in all this guy is showing complete and utter contempt for his customers (chefs) and a total lack of regard for the chefs' qualifications and experience.

He seems exactly like a stockbroker, so keen to sell himself and his product that he's forgotten any respect for his customers.

What an arrogant pipsqueak. I wouldn't buy a thing from him if I was a chef and he was trying to lecture me on my menu and which cuts I wanted, as if my years of education and working my way up through the kitchen made him more capable of writing my menu.

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He is a bit full of himself.

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