World's 1st Kit Kat specialty store opens in Tokyo


Who doesn’t love Kit Kats? They’re tasty, available in many interesting flavors, and they’re even considered a good luck snack in Japan for students preparing for entrance exams because the name Kit Kat sounds somewhat like the phrase “You’ll win for sure! (Kitto Katsu)” in Japanese.

Well, the popular chocolate snack now seems to have reached a new level of refinement and consumer appeal, as the world’s very first specialty Kit Kat shop opened Jan 17 at the Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. A shop that sells Kit Kats exclusively? Now, that sounds like something to be excited about.

But that wasn’t all. To our further delight, we heard that the Kit Kat Chocolatory, as the specialty shop is called, was selling Kit Kats in original flavors created by renowned patissier Yasumassa Takagi.

A bright red sign with the Chocolatory name and patissier Takagi’s brand logo greets customers. There are also several monitors showing promotional footage (yes, featuring lots of sweet-looking chocolate). Inside the shop, they also had displays relating a little bit of Kit Kat history. They have three different flavors on sale at the shop, but one of them, the “Kit Kat Sublime Bitter” which uses couverture chocolate, apparently sells out quite quickly by midday. These are priced at 315 yen a piece or 3,413 yen for a package of 10.

The other original flavors available are “Chili” and “Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Green Tea”, both selling at 420 yen for a package of four. All three of these flavors are apparently available only at this shop. The Chili flavored Kit Kats, which they had samples of for customers to taste, really did have a spicy taste.

The Sakura Green Tea Kit Kats that we purchased were delightful, the refreshing taste of green tea and the gentle aroma of the sakura cherry blossom combined very nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate. It certainly was great fun visiting the shop, and we hope they’ll add even more delectable flavors to their selection in the future, because really, you can’t have too much good chocolate, can you?

Source: Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store

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Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Green Tea Kit Kats are usually available at Narita airport, on the 4th floor of Terminal 1 (shopping center, north side, before passport control). And, yes, they're delicious. Kit Kats in many other flavors are also in stock there.

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I hope they have the banana ones. My wife's father gave me one and I was like BANANA? Then I ate it and it was fantastic!

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Love, love, love the flavored Kit Kats. Japan comes up with the greatest marketing ideas.

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Why is it cheaper to buy 10 individual ones!

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I had a bag of Green Tea kit kats imported once. Even though they where mostly melted once I got them, after I refrigerated them they where the best damn kit kats I ever had. Shame I can't buy them regularly.

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The sad part is that because Hershey holds the US license to make Kit Kats, it's unlikely you can get the unusual flavor Kit Kits found in the Japanese market in the USA. The only flavor of Kit Kats sold in the USA are regular chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

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Actually Raymond Chuang, I bought the green tea and what I think were strawberry flavored kit-kats in FYE (the music/movie stores you normally see in malls ) a long time ago, and I must say the green tea flavor was definitely my favorite. :)

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Mr. Wonka, you can keep your Everlasting Gobstoppers!

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