Meatless burgers, hemp cocktails and pasta straws - 2019 eco-friendly food trends

By Thin Lei Win

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CBD is here to stay and cannabis should never have been banned in the first place

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Cannabis is a miracle plant. Cloth made from its' fibers is durable, paper made from it is environmentally friendly as it requires little bleaching with dioxins. The seeds are nutritious and produce a high quality oil. It can be fermented into alcohol that can fuel your automobile. After retting out the fibers the stems can be compressed into a type of press-board that can be used in home construction. can smoke it too, it's very relaxing.

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Hemp is a miracle fiber and was widely grown here in Japan until the end of the war when it was opposed by America.

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I've got to believe that there is zero need to make beer with waste water. The mash and resulting liquid that comes from traditional beer making can all be used in equality "Eco-Friendly" ways that don't risk adulterating the ancient beverage.

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