Yes, there is an art to the perfectly peeled egg


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Old eggs peel easily warm or cold.

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After the eggs have boiled crack them, remove a small piece of shell then return them to a pan of cold water for 90 seconds. They should peel easily after that.

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Alfie..thanks for the hint..will try it :)

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For years I’ve been using a trick I saw on tv. Tap the big end of the egg to put a small crack in the shell before you boil them. I forget the explanation of why this works but it made sense to me when I saw it and has been working fine for me, regardless of what I do after the eggs are cooked.

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Hard-boiled eggs? Crack them all over before you peel them. Roll them firmly over the benchtop until the entire eggshell is covered in cracks, and then peel them. Works most of the time.

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Just make an omelette)))

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Put some vinegar in the water. Don't put cold eggs from fridge into hot water. Warm under the tap.

Put the cooked egg into a glass with some water and shake with hand over the top.

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"Turn the heat off and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 30 minutes to 1 hour. ....

You will be shocked at how fast this method is and how foolproof."

Yes I am shocked that someone considers 1 hour to be fast!

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Just make an omelette)))

With the shells?

Peeling eggs is easy. It's all in the wrist :D

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Steam builds up under the shell, yes you have to peel them soon after letting them sit in ice water, no more , for me anyway, than 3-5 minutes. Cracking them right after boiling let’s the steam out, IMO.

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