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FDA allows new claim that yogurt may reduce diabetes risk


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Plain creamy Greek-style yogurt for breakfast. Keeps blood sugar levels at bay. Unprocessed food group.

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Sugar free yogurt is good for you. And even then, it's still got good stuff in it for you. Plain yogurt with some fruits and nuts is a good and healthy snack.

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Young children can safely eat yogurt.

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Who still trust them?

I trust the FDA when there is clear science and they aren't being paid off by an industry like candy, milk, beef, pigs, or fishing industries.

I trust them when it comes to veggies, easily available fruits, and cheap suggestions.

I like yogurt, but don't plan to change my consumption based on this.

“Translation: If you want to believe this, go ahead, but it's not on the basis of evidence,” she said.

^^^^ this.

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I like yogurt, but don't plan to change my consumption based on this.

I feel the same, I have been a yogurt junkie all my life, lime is my favorite, most flavors, but when I’m in Japan, I usually use versions jams, but when I’m in the states, lemon and lime all the way.

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I used to like Ski strawberry yoghurt, alway had in my packed lunch when little, yummy

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Who still trust them?


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I used to eat yogurt. Never again. My brother choked to death eating it. There was no one around to perform the Heimlich maneuver. The stuff can kill you.

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