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Image: Fujiya

You can eat a Fat Chocobo, Sephiroth macarons as part of Japan’s new 'Final Fantasy' sweets lineup

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By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

A few days ago, KFC Japan announced an upcoming tie-up with "Final Fantasy," which got a lot of fans wondering if that means the fast food chain is going to be adding fried Chocobo to its menu. That’s all still speculation at this point, but we now know of one real-world place where you will, for sure, be able to eat the video game franchise’s beloved bird-like creature.


Popular Japanese cafe and sweets shop Fujiya is also partnering with "Final Fantasy," and as part of the team-up they’ll be baking up Chocobo cakes.


If that Chocobo’s cheeks are looking especially chubby, it’s because this is technically the Fat Chocobo Cake, based on the jumbo-sized version of the creature that periodically appears in the series. The cake itself sounds deliciously high-calorie, with a milk cream and chocolate chip filling inside that adorable face made with heaps of yellow cake crumble.

At 490 yen the Fat Chocobo Cake is an affordable luxury, so if you’ve still got some room left over in your dessert budget, Fujiya has some "Final Fantasy" take-home temptations too, with two sets of character macarons (each 800 yen).


Starting with the Soldier boys, Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth are in a set together, with their respective macarons having orange, caramel, and milk-caramel flavors, which promises a much sweeter ending than the last time these three hung out together.

The other set gets you Tifa, Aerith, and a Moogle (we’re not sure which Moogle exactly, but the little flying fuzzballs are always welcome), whose macaron flavors are chestnut, strawberry, and chocolate.

▼ And no, there’s no hidden meaning with Tifa’s flavor being “chestnut,” as the Japanese word, kuri, has no pectoral pun potential.


If you’re wondering why so many of them have their tongues sticking out, it’s a salute to Peko-chan, Fujiya’s iconic mascot character who’s routinely depicted licking her lips at the thought of Fujiya’s sweets lineup.

▼ That’s Peko-chan second from left in the front row, cosplaying as Aerith, with her boyfriend Poko-chan to her left dressed in Cloud’s outfit.


The characters are also appearing on special tins of Fujiya’s flagship Milky milk caramel candies (440 yen each). They’re sturdy enough to use as accessory cases, desk organizers, or decorations too, and there’s even an image of "Final Fantasy VII’s" city of Midgar on the inside, giving you even more incentive to eat all the candies as soon as possible.


The Fujiya/Final Fantasy collaboration is technically a promotion for the recently released "Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis" mobile game, but the specific branding is subtle enough for it to be fun for fans of the franchise as a whole, and all of the items go on sale October 6.

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Source: PR Times

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Boy, Japan has more fun with food than any other country I know of. This is sweet (in more ways than one). Where do they get these ideas? I really wish I lived there again.

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