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You won't miss the meat in these rice and edamame burgers

By America's Test Kitchen

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Do see a lot of silly food ideas here like coffee tea, but this is one that I'd like to try as it looks good and heathy.

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I'm sure these are tasty, but they're not burgers. Burgers require BEEF!

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Vegetable patties. I don't like them.

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Of course these are burgers. For those that understand the concept (and even the actual English language) :


noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈbɜː.ɡər/ US ​ /ˈbɝː.ɡɚ/

meat or other food pressed into a round,flat shape and fried:

a burger and fries

a hamburger

a veggie burger"

(Source: - )

I wish these were for sale in Japan.

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Vegetable patties. I don't like them.

Same here. Doesn’t work.

There are much better ways to eat vegetables. A nice cheese salad with good dressing and good bread is as nice as anything for me.

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Burgers require BEEF!

They most certainly do NOT!

Have you never had a buffalo burger? Or a moose burger?

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No beef. No burger. That's all folks.

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"No beef. No burger. That's all folks."

Pork and lamb meat also make great burgers as do many vareities of beans.

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