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Food-Recipe-Strawberry Jam

For mom this Mother's Day, why not make homemade jam?


Mother’s Day always feels like a bit of a push-pull to me on many levels. Leaving the wide range of family dynamics aside, the-stay-in-and-cook vs. going-out conundrum bubbles up every year. Make mom a fabulous meal at home (with the ensuing clean up, and perhaps a bit of pressure)? Personal… Read


How to make a secret rice bowl at Ichiran ramen


Whenever you go to a ramen restaurant you’ll likely be craving noodles, but for every bowl of ramen ordered, there are loads of other dishes on the menu that tend to get overlooked. That’s why our reporter Seiji Nakazawa has started a new investigative series called rameshi (ra for ramen and… Read


Starbucks Japan adds a Wimbledon Frappuccino to its menu for limited time

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As the seasons change in Japan, so too do the flavors at Starbucks, and as we head into summer, the taste of the season is strawberry. The trend for berries during the warmer months is one that Starbucks customers in Japan have come to expect in recent years, but its origins… Read


Japanese cafe has perfectly innocent reason for its startling-looking name


Coffee is a beverage that’s enjoyed by a wide variety of people for many different reasons. For some, it’s a jolting liquid eye-opener, something gulped down at the start of the day. For others, it’s something to sip when your schedule allows for a leisurely afternoon spent in a cozy chair… Read


Pokemon Cafe serves up a green tea ceremony in Japan with Poltchageist and Sinistcha matcha menu

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It’s a good time to be a matcha-loving Pokemon fan in Japan right now, because in addition to a massive new collection of green tea goods dedicated to Poltchageist and Sinistcha, we’re now being treated to a limited-time menu starring the two tea-themed pocket monsters at the Pokemon Cafe. Like the goods collection, the… Read


Should you add tartar sauce to Japanese curry rice? CoCo Ichi makes diners an unusual offer


Japan has a lot of curry rice restaurant chains, but none are quite so beloved as CoCo Ichibanya, also known as CoCo Ichi. Part of what makes CoCo Ichi so great is that they offer a huge variety of toppings you can add to your plate, like fried chicken, sausages, and tartar sauce.… Read


History’s largest force of Samurai Colonel Sanders deploying to KFC Japan branches


Many times, the key to success for fast food chains from overseas that set up shop in Japan is keeping their core identity while adapting to the local culture. In the case of KFC Japan, we’ve seen them offer localized items like tsukimi sandwiches and matcha Krushers alongside their traditional fried chicken, but every year… Read


Mikado Coffee is a 76-year-old coffee chain with a major celebrity connection

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Our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma recently got a reminder of how Tokyo is one of the best cities to be feeling hungry in, as you’ve got a pretty good chance of randomly stumbling across a great meal. And it turns out that even if you’re not looking for a full meal, but just craving a snack… Read


Starbucks Japan adds a Motto Frappuccino to menu for limited time


Starbucks customers in Japan just can’t get enough of melons. Not only has the super-popular flavor been returning every year in a limited-edition Frappuccino since the summer of 2022, this year the chain is giving its customers even more of the fruit in its second melon Frappuccino of the season, called Motto… Read


Wendy’s releases Pretzel Roast Beef Burger aimed at foreign tourists in Japan


Wendy’s has released a limited-edition burger with a Western bent in Japan, and it became a hot topic online even before its release. Called the Pretzel Roast Beef, this new menu item is priced at 2,090 yen, and it’s only being sold at 15 branches, making it a rare burger in many senses of… Read

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