George Clooney uses Hollywood starpower in Sudan


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Clooney is hardly alone. Celebrities are shining their star power on the poor, the war-weary and the disaster-prone more than ever.

This reminds me of Team America. Act George Act!! Only then can the world be saved.

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The slave trade in Sudan (ie the enslavement of native Africans by Arab Muslim Sudanese) is in full swing again, some 150 years after the British managed to put a stop to it. (How revoltingly arrogant of the British to impose their values on the Sudanese. After all, slavery is part of Arab culture, and all cultures must be cherished no matter how bad they may seem to arrogant western observers. Isn't that right, moral equivalence fanboys?) But the world's media doesn't give a damn, because the perpetrators are Muslim, and criticising Muslims (Arab Muslims to boot) is 100% racist and Islamophobic. And what's more, many of the enlsaved Africans are Chistian... so it's their own damn fault. The level of MSM disinterest in evident in this article, the main thrust of which is that George Clooney is bringing the taboo subject of Sudan up at all. But even given this golden opportunity, actual details of the southern Sudanese suffering at the hands of their Arab masters are omitted.

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How is this different from Palin visiting Haiti....

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"the world's newest nation"

A nation that will lose access to the Red Sea. Do they really want that?

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I am very proud of Mr.Clooney, he is rich but not your average goon who only cares about himself, say like Donald Trump. I am sure Mr.Clooney has a very tender heart, I hope the people of Sudan can find peace.

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Sudan will improve on its own ... but that won't stop Clooney from trying to claim credit.

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"Sudan will improve on its own..."

Really? After over fifty years of war and strife and millions dead.

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