Gigantic straw Godzilla sculpture appears in field

By KK Miller, RocketNews24

There are plenty of ways to show your love for Godzilla. You can watch the new "Shin Godzilla" movie or any of the old classic monster films, you can pour out a drink in honor of your favorite metaphor for the nuclear bomb ... or you can gather over 100 of your friends and build a seven-meter-tall straw statue over the course of four months.

This monster of a straw sculpture stands tall in Chikuzen, Fukuoka. In order to finish it for fall, a massive amount of volunteers used the straw from rice fields in order to fashion this giant homage. With its height, the statue is already a fearsome image on the horizon, but the tail is an additional 10 meters long and at night the eyes, fins, chest and tail are lit up with LEDs.

Every year for the Kagashi Matsuri (Scarecrow Festival) in Chikuzen, a gigantic straw statue is one of the main highlights. With the success of "Shin Godzilla" in Japan, it only makes sense to build this year’s terrific structure as a tribute to the famous "kaiju."

Hay is for horses, but clearly also for badass Godzilla statues. When it’s time for them to remove the sculpture, hopefully they set it ablaze in a glorious tribute to Burning Godzilla.

Source: J-Cast News

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Way cool!

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The only good news online today. Thank you to whoever built this. We need more art and more things to smile about when we pick up the news.

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"appears"?? surely "erected" or "built"

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Just a note, hay and straw are not the same thing.

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Hope there are no lights next to its feet...

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