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Good boy gone bad? Justin Bieber's adult problems


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Performance artists always have emotional trouble of one kind or another to deal with. The most important thing is who is managing your money while you go through whatever it is that you go through. All too many of these people have shady types on their management team who are either there to rip you off or are just plain incompetant. As a result they often go broke, even when they've been fantastically successful.

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So quit then. If its that bad and you hate it that much and are having that bad a time - just quit and go back to being a regular human being.

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Enough good boy crap.. time to have as much sex as possible, push back establishment.. be a rocker.. not some JPOP act

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Let him implode. It's good theater. Certainly didn't hurt Britney teal.

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I am not a fan, but would certainly hate to see this young man go down the same route as many other stars who have debuted as early as he. Namely, according to Justin's own comments, a person whom he admires, Michael Jackson.

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This sh*t doesn't surprise me. I always thought he was somewhat of a moron. Though, it would suck to see someone with his talent flush his life down the toilet.

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I usually don't make any comments on this boy, but let me just say that the boy in this photo is uncool. That hairstyle and the sunglasses are so wrong. Reminds me of the bad old 80's.

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more like a Retro 50's look, isn't it? the hairstyle is pure Greaser

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I'm sorry who? lol

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