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Harlem Shake meme hits Japan bathhouse and shrine


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Is it still going on?

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news eh

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If someone had lost a job by doing this or was arrested for breaking Shariah Law.. Then maybe

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If the Harlem Shake is catching on now in Japan, maybe psy still have a chance??? Or not!!

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the sad thing is, this "song" has even made it to the commercial music playlists. sigh

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Sort of proves my point of Japan is always late to the party when it comes to anything IT or internet related.

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Any link to this particular video?

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“This is a phenomenon that is going viral abroad, and we wanted to show what we in Japan can offer,” said Keisuke Tanaka, 24, a businessman who helped organize the filming. “We got a good group of attention seekers. I think we are in the groove. We are gunning for 10 million views,” said Tanaka, adding that the group hoped to upload the video within a week.

Woooooo! Are you going to do "planking" next? 3 months too late on an annoying dumb fad that no-one cares about.

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I think this video has yet to be released, with the footage for it shot yesterday (Sunday).

Here is a link to the Harlem Shake Japan website: http://afromance.net/harlemshakejapan/

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"I think we are in the groove"

No wait, you are well out of the groove! The key to this youtube 'fad' was that it was so very simple to participate in, meaning no long planning/video editing/practicing. It was supposed to be something you just ring your friends and say, hey meet me at x, at Y oclock and we gonna do this.

Sounds like these guys did the very typical Japanese style planning, scheduling a month or 3 in advance to ensure sufficient notice, application for permission from said bath house/temple, a full on production that resulted in them getting what will undoubtedly be a meticulously done video... only 2 months too late.

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Terrible terrible meme

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Sweet Christ, they even decided they needed to make a fully-fledged "Harlem Shake Japan" website for it? What the hell do they think it is?

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Also, they're aiming for 10 million views?! Are they insane? I think they overestimate how popular their efforts will be across the globe.

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I was not aware salmon was so popular in Harlem.

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I always thought the Harlem Shake was when your man was late...

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That photo just looks... weird. Scary and weird.

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Link to the video? Please.

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After watching a Youtube video I feel like I have gone down a level in intelligence........ To be honest I feel a bit sick :(

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Typical Japanese effort looking at the photo. Over-planned, not spontaneous, no video link as it is going thru approval. By the time you think you want to watch it, the fad is dead.

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