Hatsune Miku inspires transforming race car robot

By Cara Clegg

Thought the market was already oversaturated with Miku products? Think again. Good Smile Company is here with something that was still missing - a Hatsune Miku-inspired transforming race car robot.

Hatsune Miku GT Project is a collaboration between Shoji Kawamori and Good Smile Racing. Kawamori is an esteemed anime creator and mecha designer and Good Smile Racing is an offshoot of the Japanese hobby manufacturer Good Smile Company, responsible for lines such as the popular Nendoroid figures.

Kawamori’s transforming robot design illustrations were released in February 2014 and now those designs are coming to life as a real product. In car form, it’s a top quality racing car replica with perfect anime-style painting of Hatsune Miku all over the body. In robot form, it stands at an impressive 275 mm tall that you wouldn’t think came from the 1/24 scale car. You can display the robot in a variety of different awesome poses, and can always fold it back into its compact car form to store away when you have guests round who don’t know about your nerdy inclinations.

Product details

Brand Name: GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014Ver. Product Name: Racing Miku 2014 Ver. Maker: Good Smile Racing Category: Car 1/24 scale, Robot non scale Sale Period: April 2015 Specs: Finished ABS coated product Height of car 170 mm, Height of robot 275 mm Price: 7, 407 yen + tax

Source: Hachima Kiko

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i love you Hatsune Miku!! :D

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Combining Hatsune Miku with racing cars? Insert "Shut up and take my money!" meme here. 2015 was already looking like a good year to me, and now it just got that much better. I might have to look into pre-ordering this.

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