Haunted houses give chills in hot summer

By Antoine Bouthier

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"Three small children cling to their father in terror as they stand in front of an old woman with a knife stuck in her throat, surrounded by pools of fake blood."


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nothing worse than hearing Japanese girls "scream" like crazy over something that would not even scare my 10 year old nephew. Have you guys heard them at disneyland rides!?!?! Makes me want to bring earmuffs to the theme parks :P

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Agree with both comments: wrong for kids to see, artificial screaming is a nuisance. Real fear is no bathroom in sight, noticing your fuel is on "empty," misplacing your phone, realizing you are the one who stinks when in the elevator, or forgetting a password. Nobody screams about that.

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Harmless fun.

What I think is quite sad is the very large number of people in Japan that really believe in ghosts and other superstitious baloney.

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I dont agree that taking 3 small children to see an old woman covered in blood with a knife stuck in her throat is "harmless fun". Enjoy obon season, dance, and go and see whatever you want if you are an adult and can take it but exposing young children to that kind of horror - thats just irresponsible.

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I also agree that it is NOT a place for small children - I don't even think it's a place for "BIG" children (adults with a childlike mind...) Although I rather like the "poetic parts" of "Obon" viz. : the "small boats with lanterns" floating down streams, I find the above story :

"The Cursed Tooth" at Tokyo Dome, which tells the story of a woman driven to madness after sacrificing her once pearly white teeth for her child and has been condemned to pull them out one-by-one.

absolutely NOT the kind of place to take young children, and I don't need anything like that to scare me... I've had a lot of personal problems that would scare most people out of their skins...

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