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'Major' mental health crisis looming from pandemic: U.N.


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And clueless about the mind and what to do about mental problems, the mental health industry will be as effective as a copper bracelet for arthritis. They have a right to be worried. Called upon to actually DO something for someone, apart from dole out drugs, there is nothing they CAN do.

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the psychological suffering brought on by the pandemic.

A lot of it is fear mongering.

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SerranoToday 08:13 am JSTthe psychological suffering brought on by the pandemic.

A lot of it is fear mongering.

Yes. Ignorance, superstition, and the US TV news are spreading it all over the place. And on top of that, ethnic Chinese and for that matter anyone who even 'looks' Oriental Asian is being subjected to prejudice and acts of hatred. TV news here is doing nothing to alleviate that either.

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But on the brighter side of it, the things that worsen people's mental like being stuck in traffic, the stress of commute, having to deal with coworkers you don't like on a daily basis, large crowds and so on are almost non-existent during the pandemic but are replaced with new sets of mental stressors. I'm pretty sure that there are people in this comment section that feel relieved (at least partially) from their regular lives. I think you really can't escape mental stressors, every situation man is placed in will always find something to stress himself over for. In my humble opinion, the pandemic relieved me from my usual daily stressors and the ones that replaced it during the quarantine aren't as bad.

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Many tens of thousands of healthcare workers are suffering severe mental stress. Dealing with patients, many dying. Long hours and very difficult conditions. In some cases lack of PPE’s.

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