'Pooled testing' for COVID-19 holds promise, pitfalls


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Germany has been doing this, which is why they could test so many. It absolutely makes sense.

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For a country that thinks it's so star spangled smarty pants, the US is pretty slow on the uptake: Still fighting the Civil War, can't figure out the metric system, can't make accurate Covid-19 tests, can't wrap their heads around the idea that wearing a mask helps slow the spread, couldn't stop packing themselves into bars with no distancing or masks when given the chance to act like adults as businesses reopened and now have to close again, etc.

And now pool testing is just a small blip on the radar as if they just discovered this?

There's no hope. This pandemic is going to continue to burn through the US for a long time because of systemic collapse of leadership and competency during the emergency.

Even with a vaccine, there are wide swaths of the population who will refuse vaccination because they think it's a plot by (pick someone famous) combined with 5G towers. The most backward countries on the planet don't have as many batpoop crazy people.

And the headshakingly stupid population gets to choose from Donald Trump, Kanye West or Joe Biden as their leader?

There's no hope.

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