'What we're eating is killing us' - global nutrition report

By Thin Lei Win

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Morning - Boiled Egg, Brown Bread Or Cereals, Oats, Warm Water

Lunch - Rice, Vegetables full of herbs, Fresh Meat

Snacks - sweet potato Or fresh salad sandwich

Dinner - Fish and Soup

All in moderation with slow eats.

(Once in a week, anything in restaurant for new taste)

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Just finished watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in LA, California.

I know about the crap they serve in our schools and the Gov/Corp control and most likely the kickbacks involved, but it was in “in your face” with the way the LA school board refused to even let Jamie go into one school. All for the fear of being humiliated. LOL because they know what they serve is crap, and are beholden to the corps and kickbacks. As Jamie said...shame on you!

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Fear mongering rubbish

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When the World can actually say parents are responsible enough to have the number of children the World can support depending on emissions, pollution and leaving enough space for other species, then we will eat within our means and our health, so many countries profit off sugar and palm oil, that other people just get fat, is the economic system of greed, one nation to another.

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"How much" is also a big problem.

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Gotta say, I find it revolting when I see people giving their toddlers McDonalds and bags of sugar.

Thanks for hardwiring me for health problems.

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