42% of U.S. may be obese by 2030: study


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There is far too much acceptance of fat people. Apologists abound! We say "lose weight" as an euphemism. Tell people to "lose fat". Tax junk food more, stop advertising sugar and fat-heavy foods on TV. Take VAT and GST off vegetables. Stop promoting sugar-filled fruit as healthy (in large doses they are not). Charge extra on buses and planes. Charge more for health care when the FAT require it for their lack of control. I am not ft because I control my diet and exercise regularly - this is called self-control.

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If they live that long.

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Americans don't like to lose weight. They are obsessed with losing "wait", as in, they are impatient.

Tax junk food, stop advertising sugar... blah blah blah.. We just need a huge smear campaign against fat slobs.

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People need to start watching there weight better, for those who can (for some its a sickness). But this goes for not just Fat people people with too much muscle are also included in the BMI system. Too much muscle is unhealthy.

But the biggest thing is its sad that people always think that only america has this problem. And as long as we keep pointing the finger at america we can forget that America is not the #1 obese region in the world anymore.

by the above article the UK has already topped the US and Australia is one of the fastest growing.

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It is frightening how many people have just accepted being fat as a part of their life. If they could see the health and mental benifits of getting some excercise and eating healthier, maybe they could change. I think it is a very small percentage that is obese due to a health reason rather than being obese for the lack of proper discipline. Hopefully more countries will look into ways of preventing people from over-indulging on foods that aren't meant to be consumed on a regular basis.

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42% by 2030 . . . If you count the entire U.S. including the rural areas where people live healthier lifestyles. If you look at the urban areas it "appears" to be 50% last year!

I was one of those obese people until last year, I got a wake up call with some health issues and then I developed some self respect and now I am very close to the weight the charts say I should be and I am much healthier and happier for it. But how to do that for the rest of the world, I do not know.

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Tony Horton will be happy to hear that! The future is bright for him!

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People should be inspired to exercise more!

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One's girth is one's choice, mostly. Following the "nanny state" mentality of some posters here may lead to mandatory exercises a la 1984, no thanks. Enough populist collectivism already. How about a future like "Logan's Run", or "The Island"? No? Me, I stay fit because that's my choice. I like the Primal-type diet. And sometimes I get a fix of junkfood. MYOB, folks. So far, I've read hatred and prejudice here. That's disgusting.

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At some point I think some people stop caring and looking in the mirror and/or at their partners.

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By 2030?? It looks like it already.

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This story would be comical if it wasn't so tragic..

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It is a completely different lifestyle versus when I was a kid. In the 70's I do not remember and obese kids in grade school and only about 7-10 out of 400 in Junior High...high school tripled that. Yet Amercians are willing to do this to themselves....I rarely ate fast food growing up..maybe 5 times a year back in the 70's. But todays society is completely different, when I was growing up we did not have the video games/computers or that type of entertainment & I never watched TV. I remember seeing obese parents shoveling pizza in their faces and then there was their kid. Around 7 years old and already twice the size he should be. It really is a shame what people will do to themselves and some also teach it to their children as they are not active and a child picks up the same lifestyle. My favorite excuse was "I'm not fat I'm just big boned".....riiiiight. Adult Americans can blame nobody but themselves for their weight.

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