5 strategies to prepare now for the next pandemic

By Tiffany A Radcliff and Angela Clendenin

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In Japan an extra step to bring back to the 21st century is necessary. That is to modify the laws and regulations so new therapies and vaccines are introduced much more opportunely. The current situation means navigating in a hell of paperwork and useless requirements that make the use of new tools be delayed many months.

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This is full of vagueness and offers the layman no real answers except wait for government help. The author is from Texas and just looking another merit badge to hang on the wall...

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I would have thought something like combining the many overlapping government departments and reducing redundancy, improving internal communications, developing a backlog of playbooks based on similar type of illnesses would have been listed.

Seems with all the money that is spent over the years in these organizations (worldwide) there would at least be a playbook available that lays out x y and z to start with based on the type of illness then modify as you learn more.

This pandemic seemed like everyone just woke up at the bell and started to try and figure out a plan.

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