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7 things to know about how strokes are different for women

By Michael Merschel, American Heart Association News

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zibalaToday 12:08 am JST

What if the woman's doctor recommends her get on weight loss drugs?

What if the doctor were to instead recommend eating and exercising so as to maintain a healthy weight?

Doctors frequently give alternatives. They might offer bariatric surgery, for example. They are not obliged to stick to what you perceive as natural because they have seen the worst nature can offer.

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Women would be served best by following the medical experts' advice and eating healthily and exercising to maintain a healthy weight. 6000-8000 steps is what the experts say.

You have never provided any source that proves this arbitrary number somehow applies to every person irrespectively of their situation. What the actual doctors recommend depends completely of the personal situation of the person, for some this would be excessive, for others not nearly enough and for some excercise may be even contraindicated. Doctors can also recommend other ways to help the person reduce their risk, for example by taking anti-hypertensive drugs that can't be replaced with just diet and excercise.

Irrelevant to what I wrote when I referred to the experts.

Except you did not refer to the experts, just made a claim without a reference to prove the blanket recommendation applies in general to any person, and specially to pregnant patients as the article clearly describe as specially vulnerable to high blood pressure.

A much more useful advice (and included already in the article)

The best way to prevent a stroke is to follow Life's Essential 8 – a checklist from the AHA that encourages not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and maintaining blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels within the normal range.

No arbitrary numbers to follow but instead goals that can be reached together with the patient's doctor, that will personalize what is best instead of just following a blanket recommendation that may even be contraindicated.

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