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7 weird weight loss tricks that work


While healthy eating and exercise are the best ways to stay in good shape, sometimes we could all do with a little helping hand. If you’re bored of conventional diet advice and fancy trying something new, check out these 7 strange tricks that will help you to lose weight.

1: Eat in front of a mirror

Researchers from Arizona State University and Erasmus University Rotterdam found that watching ourselves eat can be a powerful trigger to consume less. During their experiments, the researchers placed a mirror in front of participants and found that those eating in front of a mirror consumed less food. The researchers believe that this is because seeing ourselves eat makes us more aware of our bodies and that we do not want to watch ourselves overeat.

2: Choose male eating companions

If you want to cut down on your food consumption when dining out, research suggests that opting for male eating companions could help you to consume less food. Researchers from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Akron found that both men and women consumed fewer kilojoules when dining with men than with women. The researchers believe that this is because we are more aware of our gender when around the opposite sex and women restrict their eating to appear “more feminine” while men eat more around women to appear “more masculine”.

3: Pay with cash

According to a study by researchers at Cornell and Binghamton Universities, your credit card could be making you fat. While it has been known for a while that we are more likely to splash the cash when we are paying by card than by coins, the study results found that paying with plastic also has disastrous results for your waistline, as people are more likely to buy junk food and “vice” products – which tend to be impulse purchases – when paying by card. To keep off the pounds and save yourself some money, draw out enough cash for the day and then leave your cards at home.

4: Sniff vanilla

Sugar cravings ruining your diet? Then lighting a vanilla candle or spritzing on some vanilla-scented perfume could help to keep you slim. A study at St George’s hospital, south London, found that putting vanilla-scented patches on the back of participants’ hands significantly reduced their appetite for sweet foods and drinks. It is believed that this is because the smell of vanilla can help to suppress sweet cravings.

5: Never eat in your pajamas

While eating in your pyjamas will not necessarily make you fat (although late-night snacking can certainly be a diet-killer for many of us), wearing loose clothing such as baggy lounge pants and pajamas can lead you to snack more. This is because baggy clothes give you the illusion of being slimmer and make you think less about your figure. While it is inadvisable to dress in uncomfortably restrictive clothes for your meals, wearing slightly more fitted clothes can help you to think more about your body and is also a better indicator of fat loss or gain than getting weighed on the scales.

6: Kit your kitchen out in blue

Blue is not only a perfect calming colour for your bedroom walls, it is also an ideal kitchen colour scheme for those trying to lose weight. It is believed that green and blue shades act as an appetite suppressant (while yellow and red stimulate the appetite) so opt for blue dishes, table cloths or walls in your dining area to help keep your hunger at bay.

7: Sign up to Facebook

If you haven’t yet got onboard with the Facebook phenomenon, research suggests that signing up to the site could help you to lose weight. With the constant lurking danger of being tagged in an unflattering photo and our fat days being broadcast for all to see, social media sites have become a huge weight loss trigger for many of us. In fact, a study by Fitbit identified unflattering Facebook photos as the new number one weight loss trigger for Brits, overtaking preparing for the beach and not being able to squeeze into a favourite dress as the leading motivation for getting in shape.

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Such crap. Want to lose weight? Eat healthy foods and exercise. It really IS that simple.

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7: Sign up to Facebook

I have a Facebook account, but I refuse to post photos of myself. I don't mind strangers reading my profile, but the last thing I need is my photo being spread around the internet, and maybe being misused by people with nefarious deeds planned.

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Take up knitting while watching TV. If your hands are full of needles and yarn they won't be reaching for the chocolates and bikkies.

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According to a study by researchers at Cornell and Binghamton Universities, your credit card could be making you fat. While it has been known for a while that we are more likely to splash the cash when we are paying by card than by coins, the study results found that paying with plastic also has disastrous results for your waistline, as people are more likely to buy junk food and “vice” products

I'm wondering how they controlled for the fact that people with poor impulse control for food might tend to be those with poor impulse control for spending. In other words, there may be a correlation between credit and overeating, but not a causal relation.

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It's all about calories in versus calories consumed.

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It's easy!

Eat anything you want.

Whenever you want.

Drink anything that takes your fancy.

At any time.

Just be sure that you never swallow it!

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Exercise is totally unnecessary if you just eat less. People who love to exercise just keep bandying that around because they don't realise that other people aren't the same as themselves.

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Exercise is totally unnecessary if you just eat less.

That's just not true. If you simply cut calories and don't move, your body will after a while go into famine mode and start using fewer calories, because it thinks you're starving: your body will burn off what it sees as unnecessary muscle (because you're not using it) in an attempt to save the fat that you need to get you through the famine: and since muscle burns more calories than fat, the more muscle you lose, the harder it is to lose weight. You'll also feel lethargic because your body is trying to conserve energy, making it harder to move and putting you into a depressed state of mind that makes you more vulnerable to the temptations of forbidden goodies.

I most emphatically do not love to exercise, but experience has taught me that if you want to lose weight, you gotta eat sensibly, and move. That doesn't mean you have to hit the gym for hours every day, or jog yourself to a heart attack. Take the dog out for walkies every day, cycle rather than ride, walk rather than cycle, take the stairs rather than the lift.

If you have no medical issues, intermittent fasting together with moderate exercise seems to work well for those who cannot/will not follow a long-term diet regime. Two non-consecutive days a week limit yourself to no more than 500 calories, and eat normally the other 5 days. Drink lots of water. In addition to taking the weight off, this also reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and reduces the IGF-1 growth hormone related to cancer and diabetes.


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Everything in moderation. It's that simple folks. when you eat often, just eat less often, if you eat large meals, take healthy items you know is good for you and enjoy. As for junk food, you will always eat it, just learn to make the better choices at McDonald's or Wendy's, you don't always have to get the good greasy burgers, try a wrap with some soup or salad and try some fruit juice instead of pop/soda.

For more of your health needs go to www.ishop7.awarenesslife.com


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