After miscarriage, women seek support, emotional outlet on Instagram


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I hope this spreads to Japan but I doubt it.

I had two miscarriages in Japan. Both were treated by my OBGYN's and staff with absolutely no regard for my well being. The first was just a clinical coldness, basically telling me I was lucky that at least it was 'early' at 7 weeks. The second was at 13 weeks and my OBGYN (at the time) essentially blamed it on my 'bad American habits' claiming I was overweight (at the time I was a kick boxer and was in better physical condition than probably any other pregnant woman in that office). Luckily that followed with a relatively healthy pregnancy and birth of my daughter. I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant until almost 7 months when it was very hot and I couldn't hide it any longer.

I don't expect this is much different in the rest of the world, either. Miscarriages are treated, for whatever reason, as something shameful when in reality they're completely normal. Yet women are forced to suffer mostly in silence, again and again.

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@savethegaijin - I am sorry for your losses, it must have been incredibly hard for you, and made worse by people's shocking disregard for your feelings.

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Interesting! But WHY? If a foetus is only a clump of cells, what's the problem here? Why are these women so adversely affected by the discharge of a clump of cells?

OH! Maybe these women realize that they just lost a BABY!

I guess those who want to get pregnant see it as a baby and those who don't want to be pregnant, try hard to convince themselves it is nothing more than a clump of cells.

"Lighten up! It was only a clump of cells!"

Hmmm. Doesn't seem like a very encouraging thing to say to these women who are grieving over the loss of their baby, but basically, this is what the Pro-Choice folk have to say because they could never advocate for the right to kill an unborn baby, right?

Or could they? Nothing would surprise me any more. We keep sinking to new lows every week/month/year. Some have actually advocated for the right to kill newborns who survived abortion!

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?"

Seems like a very accurate statement even though these words were penned over 2500-2600 years ago! We humans have not improved at all. Where is the evolution? All I see is things getting worse! The heart is sinful and capable of real evil.

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Proving once again that people who are pro forced birth are disgusting.

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Narcissism at its finest in this look at me generation.

Why must all personal things in life be broadcast to the world on social media? They are private issues.

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I think the woman man, should be her emotional support, if not they should not be having children with him in the first place

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My wife had one after our first child. It was very early. It is a very sensitive and sad situation with the loss of potential life.

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@ tjguy

I believe the same source you are quoting also suggests "Judge not lest ye be judged."

You might want to take that to heart and perhaps think about how hurtful your rant might be to others. Yes, you are entitled to free speech; however, greater sensitivity and diplomacy would fall under the umbrella of simple good manners.

@ savethegaijin

Deepest condolences. You did not deserve to be treated in that manner or have your grief callously dismissed.

@ oldman_13

Some people need to share. That does not make them narcissists simply because there are others who do not. What is private for you, someone else might need to express. The important thing is to acknowledge and treat others' grief with the dignity and grace it deserves even though you would handle it differently if it were your grief.

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