Body odor? Bacteria-embedded bodysuit may help


Deodorant not enough to stop your body odor? A new futuristic-style bodysuit with live bacteria embedded in it could help combat those unpleasant smells.

The pale gray, long-sleeved "Skin II" contains healthy probiotic bacteria, reducing the smell of body odor, said its designer Rosie Broadhead.

"It's not the sweat on your body that causes body odor, it's the bacteria. So we've incorporated healthy bacteria into the textiles to enable a healthy microbiome which will help to reduce your body odor," said Broadhead.

"This change in the microbiome is associated with reducing your body odor, encouraging cell renewal and is really good for the skin's immune system," she said.

Broadhead developed the garment as part of her postgraduate degree at London arts university Central Saint Martins.

She worked with Belgian microbiologist Chris Callewaert of Ghent University to develop Skin II. He provided her with the healthy probiotic bacteria that are commonly found on skin, and has himself done extensive research on the causes of body odor.

The two plan to commercialize Skin II, and Broadhead hopes to design a sportswear range with the same technology.

Broadhead said the sustainability of the bodysuit was another of its benefits. Reducing body odor reduces the need to wash the bodysuit so often. Testing showed that the bacteria in the bodysuit was able to survive a 30-degree wash.

"People are becoming more aware of sustainability and the environment. They're concerned about the food that they are eating and the cosmetics that they're putting on their skin. But less is known about the toxic chemicals that are in our clothing. So in time I think people will become more aware of wellness clothing," Broadhead said.

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Tips for the uninitiated: use a good deodorant (more than once a day, if necessary). Bathe every day using a good smelling deodorant soap and use some talc or lotion. There, that ought to do it!

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I somehow doubt this bodysuit is gonna be popular.

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I somehow doubt this bodysuit is gonna be popular.

As with deodorant, the people who really need it won't realize that they really need it. Much trickier to leave a bodysuit in a colleague's drawer than a sneaky can of 'Axe'

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Also, avoid synthetic fabrics in the armpit area (nylon, polyester blends). Launder in hot water and dry thoroughly. Ideally under direct sunlight.

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Deodorant not enough to stop your body odor?

Deodorant masks body odour it won't stop it. Anti-perspirant will stop it though. Shame you can't get it n Japan. Better than paying out for a faddy piece of synthetic fabric which promotes sweating/smell.

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Also personal hygiene.

I had a co-worker with strong BO. It got worst and worst. One day when I went to the pantry to get some water, a few feet before I even entered the area, I could already smelled that. Good thing I had been practicing holding breath for a long period of time. As I left the area, I ran into my director heading to the same direction. Probably my director said something. The person had gone missing that afternoon and for a few days. From that point forward, he no longer smells. (Good thing I did not sit beside him, otherwise I am pretty sure I would be puking continuously.)

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It's not the sweat on your body that causes body odor, it's the bacteria

As far as I understand it, that's true. So that means you can theoretically fight em by getting other bacteria in there, either to displace or fight the smelly ones.

Smelly bacteria can build up in some synthetic clothes in spite of washing. Patagonia thermals used to be notorious for it. The solution is to wash them occasionally in vinegar or lemon juice. More recent tech underwear tends to have some kind of anti-bacterial treatment and is much better.

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