DEA to expand marijuana research after years of delay

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I guess 8000 years of Human trials and not ONE fatality attributable directly to Cannabis isn't enough. The compulsive alcohol drinkers in government and industry have to be SURE that the 'thinking' which is such a central part of the Cannabis experience does not loosen their control upon us. I get it. If I were one of them, thinking would scare me too. But, if you are not sure, come to Portland, Oregon and chat with an elderly person on the street and they'll explain it all to you in about 5 minutes. And, if you can score some grant money, we can recruit all of the lifelong users you could want for a study on the benefits of early neuronal Cannabization and the relaxed Mind. Or all the elderly users you could want for a study of senescence mitigation via Cannabization. Can't sleep, two puffs of a good Indica. Body aches but need to be active, Sativa. Maybe an 83% THC plus 6-7% CBD cartridge. Easy to use, convenient, and available at any outlet. AND 100% LEGAL easy on the Liver, arteries, and Heart unlike organic solvents like EtOH. And before Corporate banned it in 1933, one of the most popular pharmaceutical products on the market taking the place of aspirin, Motrin, well, just about any of the other OTC buffers for Human misery we see today. If Western Medicine were an honest discipline, it would admit that Cannabis was central to Western pharmaceutical practice until early in the last Century when Corporate saw it only as a competitor and caused its Prohibition. And the minds who find it difficult to use are those who do not know themselves well and any change, however subtle, creates fear for them. They can't help it. And again, chronic use is neither required nor demanded by the substance. Today, perhaps again next month, or never. And especially for the elderly, what it does for the accumulated interest on youthful 'fun', those 'general' aches and pains, it doesn't 'deaden' them (or you) like opiates but takes the pain out of active attention besides lowering intensity. A pain successfully ignored is a pain relieved. Didn't mean to mount a sales campaign here but sometimes all of the naive silliness which surrounds Pot just demands loquaciousness.

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