Early, heavy marijuana use linked to worse driving performance


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I don't and never will advocate operating ANY vehicle or machine under Any influence. Having said that, given the choice, I prefer people driving under the influence of MJ to Alcohol.

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Adolescents who are prone to risky behavior may be more likely to become heavy pot smokers, and these personality traits may also make them riskier drivers, ..."We don't know from this study whether what we're seeing is cannabis use, or the consequence of these personality features that promote risk taking of all sorts."

These latter comments should serve as a caveat dotting the i's and crossing the t's of these dubious findings. Driving a vehicle when less than alert is a no brainer.

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Please make a study of alcohol, too. I consume neither nor do I now drive. However, what are the death numbers in each case? There are poor driving skills in all countries and cities. Not enough information to consider really.

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This line really scared ME.

"Earlier onset of the use of any substance is more likely to confer a greater risk of problems later."

I started breathing air at quite a young age. I didn't know what long term effects it would have and was immature so didn't really care,

Now I am worried. I hope someone will get a million dollar grant and research this neglected area.


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Early, heavy marijuana use linked to worse driving performance

Ya don't say!

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The same can be said for any medication that reduces your reaction time and awareness. Be smart, don't drive under the influence of any substance.

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Silva, this article is not about driving under the influence of anything.

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Silva, this article is not about driving under the influence of anything.

Cannabis like other drugs along with its affects stay in the system for along time. With the more potent products being produced since legalization, the residual affects last longer and stronger.

Therefore, you don't have to have recently consumed cannabis products to be under the influence.

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A total of 45 participants across two groups. Not exactly what you'd call a conclusive study, is it (whatever the topic may be)?

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No one should be surprised at all that marijuana (and other mind altering substances) can impact upon a 16year olds attentiveness, motor skills, risk taking etc.

No one.

A 16 year old, while appearing quite the young adult on the outside, is not a fully physiologically matured person.

For one thing their bodies/brains are flooded with hormones which greatly affect their emotional mangement. Often it is the Limbic area of the brain that takes on excessive "duties" such as movement and motivation, because the Frontal Lobes which control complex decision making, impulsiveness, risk behaviour, realizing consequences etc, are still way under developed. Not until well into adulthood can we usually say that the frontal lobes are mature.

So into this swirling biological cocktail that is a typical adolescent, throw a wild card such as abusive levels of a mind altering substance, and as sure as water is wet, the chances of impacting brain growth conditions will be surely influenced.

A no Brainer.

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