Experts weigh pros and cons of low-calorie sweetened drinks


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About a trillion gallons of the stuff have been consumed over the past few decades, and there hasn't been a single scrap of evidence that link it to any medical problem. That should be more than sufficient.

Sugar, honey and other natural sweeteners, on the other hand, cause diabetes, obesity and tooth decay, to name a few.

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I just wish Japanese food and beverage manufacturers would stop putting sucralose in everything, gives me terrible headaches

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I stopped drinking soda crap over 10years ago, now I cant stomach it at all, its slow poison! Not so slow if you drink it daily!

As for the low cal crap, pass on that as well, no way in hell something loaded with a long list of chemicals is going to be good for you even if its zero calories, avaid this crap like the plague!

Also try to avoid too much processed foods the list of chemicals is scary

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