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Fiber is your body's natural guide to weight management

By Christopher Damman

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This is basically the same message I got from reading 'The F-Plan', a dieting book published in the 1980s that helped me get over the physical changes I experienced with the birth of my first child and convinced me of the benefits of whole foods and the pitfalls of processed stuff.

That book was all about losing weight and staying regular, and it's good to have the extra info here about the other health benefits of a high-fibre diet.

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I need to read this daily, as a reminder. My weight has been rising the last few years and my stomach shows it. Snacks and dessert the main culprits. 40+ and that metabolism is just not the same as it used to be.

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I eat a high-fiber whole grain diet and low carbohydrates but due to my post cancer remain overweight I'm winning my weight battle.

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