Japan to pledge $800 mil to int'l COVID-19 vaccine effort


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Hey Suga, how about dealing with the lack of action in this country first before committing needed money and resources overseas?!?!

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Japan can’t even handle it’s own domestic failures.

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Well, at least some other countries that will not sit on their vaccines will get them.

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Cue the international effort get bogged down in bureaucracy and indecision.

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Japan has already pledged $200 million but is looking to boost its contribution to counter regional rival China,

Yep, never done out of the goodness of one's heart.

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Easy, it’s not out of his purse and he also doesn’t need to work an extra shift at the printing machines.

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Too right, it is the tax paying people of Japan...

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Good move. The global economy and supply chain suffer the longer the world stays sick and closed up. People in Japan will also suffer more as long as new variants keep emerging and making their way here. Helping people not get sick and die is also cool.

That requires a little thought. I know it's easier to whine. Carry on whining.

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