Knee injuries in early adulthood may hasten arthritis


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Oy. When I was 18 I blew out both of my ACLs and basically destroyed my meniscuses doing a front layout full twist. Absolutely brutal injury Ended my gymnastics career in a single day lol. Actually, almost ended my freshmen year of university is well. I did physical therapy in some form for about 3 years and although both of my knees are basically fine, the left one especially has its moments. I can't sit seiza either so at my kids school I get the joy to sit :父さん座り lol

Knee injuries mess up your life man, even with the best physical therapy. I've never met anyone personally who had had their knee reconstructed who said it has gone back to normal. I fully expect to be having arthritis as I get older even though I'm a pretty active and athletic person.

Take care of your knees, y'all.

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Same as @Savethe gaijin, me too I had knee injury (serious cruciate ligaments elongation) at 18 due to a "silly" ski fall.

I couldn't run for a year.

But I never wanted any surgery and never stopped being sporty. And now it is only about knowing my limits in twisting it, with soccer being the most dangerous for me, but can play tennis, badminton and run marathons surprisingly.

I believe it is first a matter of weight (premature wear obviously) and genes too. In my family, rather weak knees for some.

Be careful (a bit) and avoid surgery that will never repair it back to normal and may worsen the state by changing the feeling or bringing nosocomial germs.

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