Online triage tool may help patients decide if they need immediate care


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It would be nice to see this developed into a smartphone application.  I was hoping to see a link so that I could enter some minor symptoms instead of hoping to remember them in my next doctor visit a month and a half from now.

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This kind of thing is quite important to help people not accidentally waste medical staff's time. The UK's NHS has a call centre where you can consult medical professionals about whether you need treatment, what type and where you can get it etc. The fragmented nature of the Japanese health care system means that it's difficult to find what you need yet alone whether you actually need anything. I have to call a big hospital near me to work out if I should bother going in because I know they have a lot of different departments and if I actually do then I just try and find a clinic that won't charge me the ¥3000 anti-elderly hospital charge. My girlfriend's eyes are so bad right now she can barely see but there's no way we can check if she should go to a hospital just in case or even if she needs any treatment at all.

This is because Japan's health care system is a haphazard mix of private and public providers. If it was unified more coherently there would be an incentive to provide an online or phone-based consultation service but individual providers only get paid for treatment, not prevention, so they don't care if people come for them to charge

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