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Parents find older babies sleep better in their own room


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Parents too!

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Too late. I tried explaining that to the ex=wife. As well as explaining why i didn't like sex in the same room as kids in elementary school.

Some Japanese parents don't realize that even a baby can learn to sleep in its own room. And working at achieving that isn't child abuse.

Yeah, I'll stop there. ... Except to say that life in Japan for many people would be different if people understood that you can get a child used to sleeping on its own. Even two kids sleeping in the kids room.

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As they begin to stop breastfeeding this is common sense...otherwise how would they get siblings? Worked for us.

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IMO, babies differ. Our youngest would consistently climb out of her own bed, come into our room, and crawl into bed with us, until she was about three, or two and a half. Putting her crib in the same room with her sisters was good for us, but made it more difficult for her sisters to get a good night's sleep. So, IMO, some babies need to be allowed to sleep in their parents' room, because they want to.

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Both my babies (two years apart) slept in their own room as soon as we got back from the hospital...

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