Pilot study of Asian genomes finds novel gene variants, highlights diversity


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Asians are have a much lower percentage of people who are Rh-, so there definitely are some genetic differences.

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There are differences in people by region, even without knowing much about genetics. For instance, O positive is the most common blood type worldwide, but in India and Beijing, B positive is the most common, and in Denmark, A positive is the most common.

The epicanthic fold is common to at least 90% of East Asians, while it is not present in at least 90% of non-Asians. I saw an article in Scientific American magazine which alleged that the brain structure in Asians and non-Asians is different, leading to the possibility that there is a concrete reason why people might think and behave differently. Someday we may have a better understanding of how and why differences have evolved in different sub-populations of humans.

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