Study confirms heart benefit of soy


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Be aware that japan imports a large % of g.m soy from Canada so know where your soy comes from.

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Soy adds to the estrogenic burden of the body so soy products aren't a free pass to health. Traditional soy products aren't the same as those consumed in the West as health food: soybean oil and protein powders made of soy are just two examples.

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Whilesoy maybe beneficial for the heart those with an underactive thyroid had better avoid the raw products and stick to the fermented.

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GM foods are good. High quality control. Sun damaged genetically produced foods are not so.

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It's isolated soy protein that's the problem. Soy that is minimally processed is healthiest. Also soy phytoestrogens are not the same in terms of estrogen on the body.

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Many people are intolerant to soy.

Most has high residue of glyphosphate.

Yes it's great if you digest it well and it's "clean".

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