Surfers may be swallowing antibiotic-resistant bacteria


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I do that, every time I do a certain type of Diving :)

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Gonna stick to the giant waves off the coast of Portugal or Mavericks in California....much bigger watter means a higher dilution of bacteria.

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Hello. We can study the use of several Allium species in treating people with bacterial diseases.

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The result of the study is bogus. The question about the surfers is : did they fall ill more often ? May be they build defenses against those virus the antibiotic is suppose to fight ?

Living in the wild and in open wind build natural defenses. Sports is actually a health builder. They fell ill less often.

I always found the limited analysis scientist gave dangerous. Around the limited path of their studying, the science become flowed and those kind of conclusion should be put off.

All we know is that surfing is to be taken in consideration if a patient is resilient to certain type of antibiotic and we have to know which kind and in what scale, so we should not or give them to not loose time during a sensitive decision making. That's it.

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