Vaccine makes shingles less severe, disruptive to quality of life


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it contains hamster ovary by the way, that means all kinds of retroviruses which can cause blood cancer

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@ Jo and God knows what else eh ! They can jam it !

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The medical establishment/drug company cartel's list of strategies to tackle all health issues......

1: Medicine

A more common sense approach....

1: Maintain a healthy lifestyle

2: Eat right, exercise right, sleep right

3: Maintain high standards of sanitation and cleanliness

4: Wisely administered medical care and medicines when necessary and helpful.

If we follow the above then we will either avoid illnesses or not be so affected if we get them. We'll also recover more quickly.

In the event of being prescribed drugs or deciding whether to take vaccines, be sure to thoroughly research each one and make a very informed decision. Be aware that in the event of serious adverse side effects they will deny the connection and fight to the death to avoid compensating you.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being clean will not stop you from developing shingles. It's horrible - painful, debilitating and can cause blindness.

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Actually, a strong immune system can help prevent the onset of shingles. A little research and common sense will tell us this. I got shingles when my immune system was weakened by powerful medicines.

Besides that, the main point I was making was that healthy living should be our first line of defense against sickness. -Not medicine as the medical/pharmaceutical establishment would have us believe.

Having battled a very debilitating chronic disease for decades I know them very well.

We should appreciate and use helpful medical intervention when needed, as I do. But we should put healthy living and prevention first.

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We should appreciate and use helpful medical intervention when needed, as I do. But we should put healthy living and prevention first.

Very garbled message that. Healthy living doesn't prevent you from catching highly infectious diseases. And if we put prevention first, then vaccination is an excellent method of prevention. But then that isn't consistent with your saying that we should "use helpful medical intervention when needed", which sounds more like suggesting we should catch the illness first - let's say, considering the subject of the article, shingles - and then treat it.

By the way, an interesting thing about shingles, apart from the fact that it is excruciatingly painful, is that it can lead to longterm complications and permanent damage (including blindness). People who would prefer on principle to be unvaccinated against it are in effect saying not only that they'd accept the pain, but they'd rather take their chances with any or all of those complications as well.

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I took the vaccine, got sick, but our doctor told me it probably would have been a lot worse without the vaccine. I am glad I took it.

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Maintain a healthy lifestyle

And who will define what constitutes a healthy lifestyle? Which is healthier, running a marathon or not running a marathon?

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Having seen what shingles can produce when the diagnosis is Herpes Encephalitis and ones spouse is in in a coma, on an a breathing tube, and partially paralyzed because parts of her brain were essentially dissolved by the virus. Get the shingles vaccine. The alternative can be so terrible.

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We are now hearing the inevitable, "you may be entitled to significant compensation ..."

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