A coronavirus drug seems to work. What's next?


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Start testing people to

see if they need it...

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Start using treatments which show promise to get this under control so we won't have millions of deaths from this virus and a world-wide economic depression.

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Test  it out on willing patients. There's nothing to lose here.

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Well, Remdesivir will start replacing Avigan in Japan since that was Abe san's pledge.

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Needs more testing. Evidence so far indicates that it might do some good in some people. At least it doesn't kill more people than it helps, like Trump's last big idea.

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So., the answer is.... More Sex, 'Drugs' and Rock and Roll.

Just what the Dr...Ordered maybe?

It's a drug, so what are the side affects associated with remdesivir,...apart from ahhim, living...more? Seriously, this sounds fantastic,almost too good to be true. People hear what they want when desperate. What happins when we believe in one-sided stories?

Important questions were not asked in this article and some were not even answered or sidestepped. Take care out there, be wise /\

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For those who don't know it, Gilead is a representative of "big pharma". The medicine they tried to develop few years ago for Ebola was completely ineffective and they are currently doing some incredible lobbying with "fake" studies (it's not fake, but it's on so few people such as the "study" on 53 people reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, that we can't call it a "study"). We know for a fact that Remdesivir is currently not effective and the latest comparative study between Remdesivir and other treatment was completely biased. Currently the only effective way to treat the Covid 19 is to take hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin when the first symptoms of the disease shows up. Yesterday the professor Didier Raoult, leading French specialist who treated of 3000 patients of Covid 19 with only 0,3% of death in a famous south France hospital, gave a 1 hour prime time explanation of all this (including the Gilead's Remdesivir) on a French major TV channel. Find yourself a French to English translator and you'll fall from your chair when you'll listen to what he says:

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Tocilizumab (Roche) and Avdoralimab (Innate pharma) monoclonal antibodies, are said to be effective against cytokine storm from Dr Raoult himself in Marseilles, France.

Hydroxychloroquine with antibiotics is on the other side efficient when under control right when symptoms appear, and even later when pneumonia appears.

Rendemsevir is expensive and American.

Side effects are shunned.

Fauci was leading himself the study of that drug. Judge and party no good especially with lobbies as strong as the one from Gilead...

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Good News, keep at it, and good luck.

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marginally effective but has a great profit margin

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