Adieu to dry winter skin at the Spa at The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon

By Mai Shoji

I’ve been repeatedly visiting The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, for every trip to that hotel is an exciting voyage into the jungle-like lobby with a modern art collection, curated by Ian Schrager, hotelier guru and co-founder of Studio 54. However, this was my first time to try their spa.

The spa is reached through corridors from the lobby, on the other side of the restaurants on the 31st floor above Kamiyacho subway station. The spa reception is compact but filled with warm sunlight from the terrace where spa guests may step outside, relax and take in the Tokyo cityscape on reclining chairs.

The spa reception where guests may sit out on the terrace in reclining chairs.

Of the six treatment rooms, I was ushered into the Couple Suite equipped with sauna, mist sauna, shower and two laboratory stalls. On a sunny day, light fills the essentially white room that has two beds and a sofa. The window looks down on the new Azabu project under construction which is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

The spacious Couple Suite is equipped with a sauna, mist sauna and two laboratory stalls.

The body oil used for massage is by Bioprogramming, acclaimed for their Repronizer hair dryer and HairBeauron irons. The brand has a high profile for hair products, using a technology developed by physics research at the quantum level. Yet their cosmetics and skin care line is only gradually starting to gain recognition. It was hard to imagine a treatment with Bioprogamming essential oil but it heightened my curiosity. Another brand offered for other menus is French vegan cosmetic brand Absolution.

27D Plus Tiaraleen is a cosmetic line by Bioprogramming’s science technology.

From their Delightful Winter Offers, I tried the Sake Thermal Treatment (25 minutes ¥8,000 including tax and service charge) and Relaxation Massage (60 minutes ¥27,800).

As I sat on the sofa, my therapist offered me a soothing welcome drink - ginger, honey and eight kinds of herbal tea from Kochi Prefecture, along with an oshibori (hand towel) scented with sweet and foresty nioikobushi (Anise-Magnolia) by an essential oil brand “yuica” made in Gifu. I was also asked to choose a scent to be used before and after the treatment, because the Bioprogramming body oil is non-scented. Out of five scents specifically extracted from Japan’s natural plants, I chose “Mindfulness,” a blend of kumquat, common sage and St John’s wort.

Five kinds of original aroma scents are extracted from Japan’s natural plants.

The Sake Thermal Treatment starts the journey with a sake foot bath. Tokyo’s local sake is generously poured into the warm water for a smoothing and cleansing effect. My therapist, Yoko Takizawa, gently washed my feet with salt.

Moving to the heated bed, with curtains down for deeper relaxation, she massaged my hands with Bioprogramming body oil and then placed a very warm sake lees mask covering back of my hands. It felt exuberant when my hands were very warm.

Sake lees is exclusively provided by Dassai, a Yamaguchi brewery admired by fans across the globe.

The sake lees is by one of the finest sake brands, Dassai, now internationally renowned. Dassai is famous for its clean and fruity Junmai Daiginjo, which is the rank of sake that brews rice polished 50% or more. The more polished to the core, the clearer the sake gets. Toji, or sake craftsmen, are said to have very soft and pellucid skin because they’re constantly handling lees. Well, I had this proven in just a day. After the mask, my hands were intensely moisturized, and my dried hangnails were cured and softened, my skin a tone lighter. They felt like one of those memory foam pillows.

Bioprogramming μlion body oil is for professional use, exclusive at The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, as of now.

The Relaxation Massage uses Bioprogramming μlion oil exclusive for professional use. New bottles are opened for each guest, giving me the ultimate luxury of fresh essential oil. Takizawa started with me face down, from my legs to the back in a long stroke. Sometimes I am ticklish around my back, but my therapist laid towels under my décolleté so there wasn’t an area I became tense. I was asked to turn face up, and again, my therapist worked on my whole body with long strokes and moderate to firm pressure. Lastly, she finished with a thorough décolleté and scalp massage.

Refreshed after the busy year-end and new year rush, I used the HairBeauron 4D irons to fix my hair while enjoying amazake, fermented sweet sake. Amazake has been a Japanese super drink from ancient times. Along with it, I was served an organic Japanese herbal tea by SAUTEDI matched with the choice of the essential oil chosen in the beginning, as well as three different tastes of kompeito, Japanese sugar plums; ginger, strawberry and grapes.

A post-treatment delight of organic Japanese herbal tea by SAUTEDI, kompeito and amazake.

I was moved by the spa’s recognition of Japanese traditional culture and values and was thoroughly healed from the inside too.

Surprisingly, my soft skin, especially the back of my hand, lasted for a few days. Nothing feels more rewarding than to feel a lasting effect.

“I personally went up to the people from Dassai at this hotel when I had the chance to meet them, and asked if we can use their sake lees for our treatment menu,” says spa manager Masako Kasahara. She adds, “Most of our staff can assist guests in English.”

The spa is offering this special care throughout the chilly season. But my hands and feet tend to get cold all year round, so I wish the spa would extend this treatment.

A spa treatment is probably one of the best Valentine’s gifts - romantic and warmhearted. While traveling is still looking grim and many of us are anxious to release stress whether by playing sports, dining, or having a virtual overseas trip, why not pamper your loved ones or yourself to loosen up and indulge in a blissful mini break.

Location : The Spa at The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon

31fl 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel : 03-5422-1640

Spa treatment hours : 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Weekdays), 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

Photos: The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon

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