Advice shifting on aspirin use for preventing heart attacks


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But it might help lower your risk of covid so I might actually go buy some to have on hand if needs be

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Taking pills are short-term fixes for most systemic problems like heart disease.

Eat right (more veggies), move a little more, and lose a little weight is what my doctor said. Seems that losing 5% of your body weigh has huge health benefits for people who are overweight. That includes reducing the risks from heart attacks, diabetes, and lots of other systemic problems.

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Do pull-ups and you will be highly motivated to lose weight.

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Diabetic 1 seriously need the baby aspirin but so ridiculously expensive in this country. I get them on the US bases super cheaply. Buying stateside cheap also.

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There's no money in aspirin for big pharma so of course there is a shift.

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‘’What’s really important to know is that evidence changes over time.’’

Seems even on "consensus" topics like this one that has been recommended for decades, good to see that recognized.

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The guidance was posted online to allow for public comments until Nov 8. The group will evaluate that input and then make a final decision.

So, it’s not a done deal yet, and then ask your doctor.

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Eat, Sleep, Exercise, right with low Alcohol and ZERO drugs or Cigarettes and you will live for as long as you wish.

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No mention in the recommendations regarding observed efficacy in lowering colorectal cancer risk...

In other reports, potential 'brain bleeds' is also mentioned.

‘’What’s really important to know is that evidence changes over time.’’

Read: "What we told you in the past was wrong." So encouraging to know and to instill confidence in what we are being told NOW. Life is a crap-shoot, at best and 'long life' a delusion because however long one lives, it's NOT long enough... The best thing for any of this is learn how to and to do your own research if you really care, and, if you don't, live however you want to and take 'recommendations' with whatever faith you think necessary and don't STRESS because that WILL kill you...or, at least give you bleeding ulcers aspirin or no aspirin...

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Aspirin has been found to reduce risk of serious illness from COVID by 50%.

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