Air pollution harms the brain and mental health, too

By Clara G Zundel

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we demand the gospel according to....virusrex....LOL !

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This has to be right up there at the top of "stuff we don't want to know/things we don't want to hear", along with climate change, hormones/antibiotics etc. in the water supply, microplastics in the air and water, how the meat industry actually treats animals, etc. etc.

A lot of air pollution is unnecessary, Electricity can be made without burning lots of coal. Homes can be made warm without using natural gas or woodstoves. Cars can get you from A to B without using as much petrol or using tyres full of plastic. It is the way it is because established interests make money off it, that's all.

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Air pollution harms the brain? And mental health too? No. Air pollition harms not only the brain and mental health. It harms every cell in the body of humans and animals and all green life. It not only harms.

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