Amazon to start testing drones that will drop prescriptions on your doorstep, literally


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Amazon needs to be stopped. It's illegal for everyone to fly drones in residential areas, why does amazon get a free pass? I like to imaging shooting one of these things down, though that will probably be a jailable offense since amazon basically writes laws for itself, so I'll just continue to not use them ever.

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One problem with this. What if some yo-yo cretin shoots these delivery droids down? We have some moronic pranksters and some tin foil hat wearers in the USA.

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It's illegal for everyone to fly drones in residential areas, why does amazon get a free pass? 

It is illegal to do it without permission, any company interested in doing it simply have to follow the steps the government has to be allowed to do it.

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What could possibly go wrong..............Oh wait?

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The drone will check to make sure the delivery zone is clear of pets, children or any other obstructions before dropping the package on a delivery marker.

Overhead wires will be a big problem for them. Drone sensors struggle to pick them out and this country has a lot of wires criss-crossing the towns.

Crows also occassionally take an exception to drones.

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So you're not at home or preoccupied with something and the drone drops your package. Will it be there when you look for it? Quite possibly not. Some druggie or some youngster who likes to pull pranks might take off with it. You can count on delivery to wrong addresses and packages ending up in the bushes to found days later. Yes, it's quick, it's fast, and it's cheap for Amazon, but the potential for problems is large.

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